Technical Training Courses


WAZP Group provides a diverse range of vocational training courses and programmes, including theoretical and practical subjects at a number of levels. These include accredited short courses, Vocational Qualifications (VQs), as well as modern apprenticeship programmes.

We are also fully adept at customising courses and programmes to meet specific client requirements. Customised courses and programmes can be designed to meet the assessment criteria of various awarding organisations.

We have secured a number or strategic collaborative partnerships with leading industry training providers to ensure we possess the expertise and accreditation to offer our customers a complete one stop quality service.

WAZP Group’s training courses are practically focused to ensure our delivery methodology of ‘Learning through doing’ is achieved.

Our Oil and Gas Technician and Operator Development Programme comprises practical training and further education.Trainees who successfully complete the programme will achieve a portfolio of internationally accredited qualifications.

WAZP capitalises on the wealth of experience and expertise possessed by our consultants and Instructors. Our Instructors possess extensive industrial experience in their respective fields as well as appropriate academic and assessor/teaching qualifications.

Our unique training methodologies have allowed us to achieve an impressive reputation in the delivery of Oil and Gas related Operations and Maintenance training courses worldwide.


  • The development of client personnel in the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Energy industries.
  • The design, development and operation of Competence Systems, Competence Frameworks and Competence Profiles for the assessment and assurance of client personnel.
  • The design, development and delivery of Training Curriculum, Training Matrices, Training Programmes and Courses for the development of client personnel.
  • The alignment of training curriculum to competence frameworks and international accreditation requirements.
  • The design, development and commissioning of Skills Training Centres.
  • The design and delivery of Specialist Vocational English Language Training and Development programmes to meet client, industry and international measurement systems.
  • The resourcing of technical staff for client organisations.

WAZP Group offers Individual Technical Training Courses or Full Technical Training Programmes.

Below is our 12 or 18 month Full Technical Training Programme.

Individual courses can be seen within our Course Catalogue - Click here for access



WAZP Group offers a highly structured Operations and Maintenance Competence Development Programme for new hires to the Oil and Gas Industry. Delegates can also take the courses individually.

The programme is offered in 4 streams:

  • Oil and Gas Production Programme
  • Oil and Gas Electrical Programme
  • Oil and Gas Instrumentation Programme
  • Oil and Gas Mechanical Programme

Each programme will start with courses taken from within the ‘Introduction to the Oil and Gas Industry’ category. Delegates then undertake courses from either ‘Oil and Gas Production Fundamentals’ or ‘Electrical Fundamentals’ or ‘Instrumentation Fundamentals’ or ‘Mechanical Fundamentals’ categories. Delegates will also undertake specific ‘HSSE Courses’ during the full programme. These will be delivered in blocks at key programme points.

The full programme is aimed at new recruits to the oil and gas industry, however it is also ideal for the following staff:

  • Technical individuals changing industry (select courses following gap analysis)
  • Multi-skilling oil and gas professionals (select courses following gap analysis or client specified)
  • Individuals or companies wishing their staff to take a specific course.

The programme focuses on four main areas:

  • Technical Skills and Knowledge Development,
  • Behavioural Safety Development,
  • Front Line Emergency Response
  • Optional – Practical Skills Training and Assessment in a Workplace/Workshop Environment.

The full programme will typically take 12 months full time study or 18 months study with Practical Skills Level Training and Assessment. Practical Skill Level Training and Assessment will either be delivered at our client’s facility or in one of our partners’ training facilities throughout South East Asia.

The training methodology utilises high intensity, accelerated learning with maximum ‘hands on’ discipline specific practical tasks.